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Botox® Injections in Denver, CO

BOTOX® cosmetic is the only treatment approved by the FDA to temporarily reduce the appearance of both moderate to severe crow’s feet, frown lines between the eyebrows and fine lines and wrinkles. When injected into the muscle, BOTOX® blocks impulses from the nerve to the tiny muscles in your face. This action inhibits the muscles that have been contracting hundreds of times each day and creating lines in the skin. By weakening these muscles, they don’t contract fully and the wrinkles on your face soften.

Depending upon the areas being treated, you will likely need to purchase between 20 and 60 units of BOTOX®.

  • Number 1 non-surgical cosmetic procedure
  • Softens dynamic wrinkles by relaxing overactive facial muscles
  • Effective between the brow’s, at edges of the eyes, on the nose, lips and forehead
  • Smooths worry lines, lipstick lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and bunny lines
  • Improves both vertical neck wrinkles and horizontal neck bands (turkey neck)
  • Botox “Brow Lift”- can give the eyes a wider, more open appearance
  • Quick, 10 minute treatment
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No downtime
  • FDA approved since 2002

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Read FAQs
  • What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

    BOTOX® is made of a purified Botulinum toxin, and while the idea of injecting a toxin into your face may sound a little daunting, it has actually been approved by the FDA for a wide variety of uses, including migraines, excessive sweating and, of course, anti-aging. BOTOX® is an extremely effective treatment for softening lines between the brow and at edges of the eyes.

  • How does BOTOX® work?

    BOTOX® is injected directed into tiny muscles in the face, blocking the nerve signals that are causing the muscles to contract and your face to wrinkle. As a result, the wrinkles relax and soften.

  • Will I look like I’ve had work done?

    This is a big fear for many people. While BOTOX® has become a household name, patients have seen too many pictures of botched results where celebrity faces appear to be frozen in place. The reality is that, like many cosmetic procedures, the results are largely dependent upon the person administering the injections.

    You shouldn’t lose the ability to show expressions if you’re treated by a licensed, trained, and experienced professional. This is why it’s essential to do your research and discuss the results you’re looking for with your specialist.

  • Are treatments safe?

    BOTOX® injections are both a safe and effective treatment for reversing the visible signs of aging.

  • What are the common side effects of BOTOX®?

    While side effects are certainly not common, three percent of patients experienced eyelid drooping in studies where frown lines were being treated. In studies where crow’s feet were being treated, one percent of the patients experienced some swelling in the eyelid.

    Some other possible side effects include pain or discomfort at the site of the injection; dry mouth; fatigue; headache; neck pain; and vision problems, such as double or blurred vision, decreased eyesight and dry eyes. There is also a small risk for allergic reactions.

  • Do the treatments hurt?

    BOTOX® treatments are relatively pain free, although some patients report feeling a pinch as the injections are administered. If you’re worried about experiencing pain, speak to your practitioner about applying a topical numbing cream or even ice to the area before treatment.

  • How is BOTOX® different than dermal fillers?

    BOTOX® is used to treat dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement, such as frowning or squinting. Fillers, on the other hand, treat static wrinkles and enhance volume. Static wrinkles are usually not improved by BOTOX® injections, which is why your health practitioner may recommend a combination of BOTOX® and fillers to help you achieve the best possible results.

  • How long does BOTOX® last and how often should I receive injections.

    BOTOX® is a temporary procedure, so your results won’t last forever. You can anticipate that they will last up to three to four months. We recommend that you come back into our office for a treatment as the BOTOX® begins to wear off.

  • How long do the treatments take?

    BOTOX® treatments are a very simple procedure when done by an experienced professional. Treatments shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes, which means you can be in and out of the office in no time!

  • What are treatments like?

    A very small amount of BOTOX® is injected into the muscles of your face using a fine needle. Because the needle is so small the pain should be minimal.

  • Will I start to see results from my BOTOX® treatments immediately?

    Unfortunately, you won’t see immediate results after your treatments. However, you may begin to see results as early as 24 to 48 hours after your treatment if you have moderate to severe frown lines. It can take up to two weeks for the full results to gradually appear.

  • How long is the recovery period for BOTOX®?

    You should be able to return to your normal activities immediately, although it’s recommended that you abstain from exercise for four to six hours following treatment.

  • Who are the best candidates for BOTOX®?

    While BOTOX® is a very safe and effective treatment, it isn’t for everyone. The best candidates are people who are healthy with no history of neuromuscular disease, who aren’t pregnant or nursing, and who are at least 18 years of age. You should not receive Botox if you have weakness in the muscles you want to target, drooping eyelids, deep facial scaring, very thick facial skin, marked asymmetry of the face, or skin disorders where the injection will take place.

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