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Lip Enhancement: The 9 Quick Facts Before Going for it

Posted by chrisz on June 29, 2021

Lip Enhancement: The 9 Quick Facts Before Going for it

Woman before and after lips augmentation procedure, closeup. Cosmetic surgery

A lip enhancement is a popular cosmetic treatment to achieve the lushest lips. Angelina Jolie and Adriana Ambrosio are just two celebrities with naturally plump lips that many people wish they naturally have. But most times, the reality is far from what we want. However, there are ways to improve physical traits and make them more pleasing to personal preferences, such as lip enhancement treatment. This treatment can give superb results to your lips. It beautifully augments and reshapes the lips to boost their best natural appearance. 

The benefits of lip enhancement will attract anyone who wants to improve their lips. But before you get this treatment, make sure that you know the most important essential things about Lip enhancement treatment.

  • Lip enhancement is not a surgery.

Some people may still think that all treatments involve cuts and stitches. Well, there are certain types of treatments that are invasive and require surgery. But some treatments are much safer and non-invasive. 

Lip enhancement treatment does not necessarily require surgery but can be administered with a filler. These injectable implants smooths and volumized areas of the skin that needs enhancement. Most luscious and plump lips product by a treatment usually uses fillers. 

  • There is more than one filler.

Dermal filler is the general term for the substance used in cosmetics to plump, smooth, and rejuvenate the skin. You can get different effects from each filler. Collagen is no longer the only option for filler. Hyaluronic acid and collagen, and synthetic human collagen are also available to fit your specific needs. 

To know which dermal filler is best to use on your lips, ask the opinion of a certified medical aesthetician. They will help you figure out which filler will boost the benefit of lip enhancement treatment for you. 

  • Lip enhancement will do your lip.

Put an emphasis on YOUR LIP. Lip enhancement mildly alters the shape and volume of the lip, but it will not change it. You will receive the best result for your lip. You may be expecting a lip like Kylie Jenner’s after the treatment. Though it is possible, it will not work on some clients. 

Lip enhancement treatment will improve the appearance of your lip and will not replace it with someone else’s lip. It also may not work with other features of your face. Discuss your goal with your practitioner before the treatment to learn if it could be done with your lip. If not, your practitioner will suggest to you the best result you can achieve with lip enhancement. 

  • You can opt for an anesthetic.

The injections for the procedure are bearable and should not cause you discomfort during the treatment. But if you are anxious with needles or think that you cannot handle the prick, you can ask your practitioner for a topical anesthetic. They will apply a cream or gel to cool the treatment site before they start injecting the filler on your lips. 

  • Downtime is minimal

Some clients postpone their treatment visits because they are inconveniently busy. As a result, they cannot find the perfect weekend to have time for a lip enhancement treatment and recovery time.

Timing should not be a problem when you want to get a lip enhancement. Since the procedure is minimally non-invasive and typically administered in the doctor’s office, anyone can complete the session within 30 minutes. Similarly, downtime for the treatment is minimal to none. After the treatment, you can continue your typical routine and activities with minor restrictions.

  • Lip enhancement with fillers is not permanent.

If you are looking for a lip augmentation treatment with a permanent result, invasive treatment may be the best option for you. Fillers are not permanent and will gradually fade over time. However, since fillers are temporary, you can alter one result after another if you do not feel the look is working for you. 

  • It takes weeks to see the total result. 

After the treatment, you will see minor changes in your lip. You may notice swelling on the area that will last for a few days. This is a normal reaction of the body and should not cause discomfort and pain. Although significant changes will be apparent after the treatment, you will not get the full result of lip enhancement until after four weeks. 

  • Side effects depend on the person.

Some people may not experience the side effects of lip enhancement, but most will. The type and severity of the side effect will vary from person to person. The most common side effects are:

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Redness
  • Tenderness on the site of injection

You should consult with the practitioner and healthcare provider for more severe side effects immediately. The following should guide you when to seek professional help:

  • Swelling and bruising are more than ten days
  • Signs of any type of infection
  • Lip is asymmetry, with lumps or irregularities
  • Scarring or stiffening of the lip
  • Allergic reaction around the lips

We strongly recommend following the precautions and restrictions that your practitioner will advise you to avoid any type of risks after the treatment. Abnormal side effects can alter the result of lip augmentation.

  • You can make the result long-lasting.

Lip enhancement with filler is temporary and will lose its effect after months. Typically, fillers last for 6-12 months, depends on the type of fillers. However, you can make the best out of your filler and make it last longer by taking care of your body and follow-up treatments of lip enhancement. 

  • Protect your skin from sunlight. Use sunscreen and coverings every time you will go outside.
  • Moisturized your skin and diligently keep a healthy and effective skincare routine
  • Hydrate the body. It is essential to replenish the body to retain the effect of filler longer.
  • Avoid excessive and complicated exercises. It will fade the results of lip enhancement faster than it should be.

Lip enhancement treatment can give you the lip of your dreams. It can drastically improve the way you look and boost your confidence. So when you are ready for luscious lips, AOB medspa is the place to go