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Jawline Rejuvenation: How to get defined Jawline and procedures involved in it

Posted by chrisz on August 27, 2021

A well-contoured jawline is the hallmark of facial attractiveness in both men and women these days. Many people are starting to try non-invasive ways to achieve more contoured facial features. One of the popular methods of contouring is Jawline Rejuvenation.

This non-surgical rejuvenation of the jaw is becoming the talk of the town lately. Suppose you’re interested in having a well-defined look for your jaw without undergoing surgery; this treatment is ideal for you.

Before you schedule an appointment, find out below how to get a defined jawline and the processes involved in this procedure.


What is jawline rejuvenation?

As you age, your jawline and the areas around your neck will start to have loose skin. It may appear as though they are one since you’ll begin to have a blunt look of that area. Fortunately, there are various methods in removing the excess fat from those areas that you can choose from. 

This cosmetic procedure is an excellent option since it will give you a more contoured look. It’ll define and sharpen your jawline by removing the excess fat. It’s important to know that your treatment may require you to undergo a combination of non-surgical and surgical procedures depending on the severity of the problem.

Non-surgical treatments

Suppose you have minimal problems that you want to address. In that case, you can choose non-surgical treatments to improve your appearance.

  • Coolsculpting

One of the non-invasive treatments is Coolsculpting. The procedure helps sharpen your jawline by cooling the fat until it is destroyed. This treatment is non-invasive because the process doesn’t require any numbing cream, anesthesia, or incision. 

Most doctors recommend this treatment if you want to avoid surgery. It is also a good alternative for liposuction. Aside from that, this is recommended for people who have stubborn excess fat in their chins that regular exercise can’t remove.

One of the advantages of this treatment is that it has very little to no recovery period. Usually, coolsculpting treatment costs $1400 per session. However, the cost of this treatment may differ depending on your location and the experience of your practitioner.

The process of this treatment includes putting a cooling device on your chin. The device will freeze the fat cells, and after less than an hour, the cooling device will be removed by the physician from your skin. Your chin will then be massaged, especially the frozen part, almost immediately after removing the device. 

  • Botox

This treatment works by relaxing the muscles under your skin that causes lines and folds to form. This process allows the surface wrinkles to smoothen and recover. Aside from that, this treatment can eliminate lines and wrinkles on your neck and give you a youthful appearance.

  • Derma filler

Another non-invasive treatment for your jawline is derma filler. This defining filler is a gel injected into your skin to help collagen production and reshape your jaw. Aside from reshaping your jaw, there are also many benefits that you can get from this treatment.

The process won’t take long since they only need to inject the gel into your skin. Usually, the price for each syringe ranges from $550-$800.


Surgical treatments

For more advanced problems in the lower areas of your face, it’s best to undergo surgery, facelift, and reposition the skin in the area.

  • Liposuction

Though this treatment is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, it still requires small incisions. This rejuvenating procedure removes specific areas of unwanted fat. Also, this treatment can define the contours of the lower part of your face, such as the neck, chin, and jowls, as part of jawline rejuvenation. 

This treatment includes inserting a thin hollow tube or cannula to lose excess fat using a controlled back and forth motion. 

  • Neck lift

This surgical treatment helps remove loose and saggy skin under the jawline and smooths the skin on the neck. It works by lifting and tightening the muscles and connective tissue as part of a neck lift.

The process includes making small, discreet incisions to remove excess skin, smooth the neck and lower part of the face. This treatment gives you a sharper definition of your jawline.


What is the process of rejuvenation?

The process of your jaw rejuvenation will vary depending on the treatment suitable for your problem.

  • Before

Before receiving the treatment, first, you should schedule a consultation. In your initial meeting, your physician will ask your concerns and determine what combination of treatments is needed to achieve your desired outcomes. Scheduling a consultation will ensure the safety and effectiveness of your results.

Also, if you have any medical history or you’re taking medications, you should inform your physician. Your doctor will examine your face and pay detailed attention to the skin in the lower part of your face and neck. 

  • During

Your procedure might include a combination of different treatments depending on the result of your assessment. It’s important to know that most techniques will require you to get anesthesia. Every single method of rejuvenation involves a unique procedure.

  • After

After your treatment, you are free to go home. If you’re given an anesthesia or sedation shot, you will need someone to drive you. Always remember to follow the post-treatment care instructions your physician has told you to do.

Contact the clinic if you’re suffering from severe side effects and pain or if you have any immediate questions or issues.


How long will the results last?

The time will vary depending on the treatment you chose. Some minimal treatments may last six to twelve months. While surgical treatments usually last for up to several years. 

The longevity of your result will depend on your lifestyle and aftercare. If you start regular exercise and manage your food intake, the effect will last longer since the fat will be less likely to return. 

If you’ve been planning to get rid of your double chin and have a well-defined jaw, schedule a consultation with your trusted physician and learn what treatment is suitable for you. Jawline rejuvenation will help you achieve the contoured facial feature that you want.