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AOB Med Spa — Greenwood Village
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You Should Feel Great Too!

Beauty should be attainable for everyone, even men! Let our team of medical and aesthetic experts help by providing you with your own individualized treatment and skin care plan. Our cutting-edge technology, and trained professionals can help you rejuvenate your skin and even help reach your body goals so you can look great and feel great. Book a free consultation today.  

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Its Not About Looks, It's About Confidence.

At AOB, we cater to our local men's needs for building and maintaining confidence throughout the aging process. Taking advantage of modern skin care technology is as manly as ever. You would be surprised to know that 30% of Men over the age of 40 have had some type of aesthetic treatment performed. As you age, while you still may work out, signs of aging can show from gravity and sun damage, stubborn fatty areas, hair loss or hair growth. Request a free consultation to get started today.

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Expert Treatments For Men

At AOB, we believe in attainable beauty for all. Our goal is to empower your own, individualized definition of beauty through proven technology and products, performed by experts in the aesthetic field. We deliver definitive results and an extraordinary experience each and every time you visit us.

Brett S.

March 31, 2014

It was with understandable nervousness that I walked in for my first mini facial. I’ve never really received spa treatment and didn’t feel the need for it. The only mud baths I take are generally on long, rainy hikes, and the major “product” I use in the bathroom is… soap.

– Yelp Review

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